Per Kirkeby

Per Kirkeby (1938 - 2018) is one of the most internationally acclaimed Danish artists today. By the time Kirkeby completed a Masters in Arctic Geology at the University of Copenhagen in 1964, he already was a part of the important experimental art school “Eks-skolen”, working as a painter, sculptor, writer and lithographic artist, which he pursued throughout his career. Kirkeby’s interest in geology and nature in general played a crucial role in his artistic expressions, with his work characteristically adopting these themes. Since a young artist, Kirkeby was inspired by the Byzantine image tradition and the iconoclasm of its culture, which became a recurring element in his work. Per Kirkeby was a professor at the Art Academy in Karlsruhe (1978-89) and Frankfurter Städelschule (1989-2000). Kirkeby's work has been shown at many art exhibitions worldwide and are represented in numerous public collections, including Tate Modern, London; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; MoMA, New York; and Centre Pompidou, Paris.