The gallery

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard was founded in 1999 by Morten Korsgaard, Britt Bjerggaard and Bo Bjerggaard. Initially located in the center of Copenhagen, in 2007 the gallery moved to a larger location in the old Meat Packing District.

The gallery presents international contemporary art from Europe and America. While its main focus is contemporary painting, the gallery also exhibits sculpture, photography, video and installations.The gallery participates in international art fairs throughout Europe and North America.

Bo Bjerggaard, Founder
Britt Bjerggaard, Founder
Morten Korsgaard, Founder
Jørgen Permin, Chairman
Jeanette Lindholdt Madsen, Director, partner
Gunhild Bønløkke Pedersen, Operations, partner
Sven Dumelie, Storage and art handling
Sebastian Bjerggaard, Store Manager, Ekely, partner

Jørgen Permin, Chairman of the Board


Morten Korsgaard, Founder

Email: mortenkorsgaard(at); Mobile: +45 40624215


Bo Bjerggaard, Founder

Email: bo(at); Mobile: +45 40624220


Britt Bjerggaard, Founder

Email: britt(at); Mobile: +45 40624244


Jeanette Lindholdt Madsen, Director

Email: jeanette(at); Mobile: +45 31417069


Gunhild Bønløkke Pedersen, Operations

Email: gunhild(at); Mobile: +45 26368232


Sven Dumelie, Storage and art handling

Email: sven(at); Mobile: +45 31365200


Sebastian Bjerggaard, Storemanager, Ekely

Email: sebastian(at)


Ekely is a shop in Istedgade dealing in original graphics, art books and ceramics and a variety of art-related objects.

The shop’s concept is to make art, art books and graphics etc. more accessible. We work with a wide range of national and international artists and craftspeople.

The shop hosts publishing receptions, exhibitions and other art-related events.

The name Ekely is a reference to one of the greatest Nordic artists, Edvard Munch, and comes from the name of his studio where he lived and experimented with his art in the shelter of the oak tree.

Ekely is a “sister shop” to Galleri Bo Bjerggaard.