Solo exhibition: John Kørner // Intercontinental Super Fruits // MOCA Detroit, US

Grocery, bodega, market, party store – these are just some of the names for a place where one might spend several hundred hours within a lifetime to obtain nourishment. These sites of consumption are networks for cultural exchange, where global citizens gain an understanding of local customs while also exploring new tastes, textures, and scents. Intercontinental Super Fruits presents work that engages artist John Kørner’s visual explorations of the allure of product advertisement and globalization in the rapidly expanding commodities trade industry. Kørner, a visionary artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, whose studio practice traverses painting, graphics, and sculpture, will introduce Intercontinental Super Fruits as a large-scale multi-sensory installation in MOCAD’s Woodward Gallery.

This exhibition will encourage visitors to engage with the artist’s perspective about the nostalgic nature of the phenomena of the local, regional, national and global superstore. Rooted in the movement of food which has created landscapes of surplus and scarcity, the works presented represent the artist’s interest in the blurred lines between the fantastic and the idle. Intercontinental Super Fruits is the first solo museum exhibition of Kørner’s work in the United States.

John Kørner // Intercontinental Super Fruits at MOCA Detroit, US

Exhibition runs 18.1.21 – 09.01.22

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Group Show: Anna Bjerger // Deep Blue at Hall Art Foundation | Reading, Vermont, US

Curated by Katherine Bradford
Exhibition runs from 15.05 – 28.11.21
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Group exhibition: John Kørner // Work it Out // Kunsten Aalborg

Sep 24th 2021 to Jan 16th 2022

Self-optimisation, readiness for change, stress, efficiency, bureaucracy and increased digitalisation. These are some of the topics adressed in the exhibition ‘Work it Out’. An exhibition that focuses on the future of work.

What is work and why do we work? Are there limits to our working lives? Can we in the future create a more sustainable working life for the individual and society? And how can art and the art museum create the framework for new thinking about the working life of the future?

These are some of the key issues in Work it Out. The exhibition focuses on the individual in modern working life, and through interdisciplinary collaborations and experiments, we explore together the potential of art and the museum – both in relation to dealing with the issues that seem to be an insoluble part of our working life, but also in relation to bring new perspectives on the working life of the future.

Working life plays a significant role in our society for our culture, economy and identity as well. Performance pressure, expectations of self-realization and increased demands for resilience stand as inevitable conditions in today’s working life. With the Corona crisis, the opportunities for future working life have really come up on the agenda. Maybe it’s time to put an end to old beliefs and rethink how and how much we go to work?

Niels Fabæk
Niels Fabæk
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