Janaina Tschäpe // I am my own landscape // CAC Malaga

22.09 - 02.12.2023

CAC Málaga presents “I am my own landscape” curated by Helena Juncosa, the new solo exhibition at CAC Malaga by the German-Brazilian artist Janaina Tschäpe (Germany, 1973) currently based in New York. The Tschäpe exhibition is made up of more than a hundred works made in the last two decades, including paintings, drawings and photographs.

Tschäpe’s evocative compositions include abstract landscapes that blur perceptions of illusion and reality, presenting images that evoke the natural world, suggesting growth, transition and metamorphosis. Her observations and memories of natural phenomena, such as changes in light, the movement of leaves, rushing water, and the movement of wind, are translated into a distinctive language of abstraction that is deeply personal and open to interpretation.

The artist celebrates the resistance and power of painting as a way of understanding the world.

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