Brigitte Waldach // Shimmer and Shine // MARTa Herford

20 SEPTEMBER - 24 MAY 2021

The large-format drawings and walk-in installations of the Berlin artist Brigitte Waldach (b. 1966) open up new worlds of ideas in which texts and sounds play an important role. As the fourth Marta prize winner, she is now being honoured with a solo exhibition in the Marta Herford. Brigitte Waldach engages intensively with phenomena of cultural and contemporary history. In her series, “History Now”, she gives us a fascinating look into the joint writing process of the digital encyclopaedia Wikipedia: historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, Hannah Arendt or Franz Kafka dissolve as barely discernible apparitions in the clouds of this text production.

The “Goldberg-Variations” by J. S. Bach inspired Waldach to create a 32-part drawing cycle which she translates into the three-dimensional for the first time in the Marta Herford as a walk-in installation: in an endless mirror room of tensions and sensations, visitors experience the musical structures as a spectacular composition of space, sound and light. The Marta award by the Wemhöner Foundation is granted in a two-year cycle to outstanding artists. The prize money of 25,000 Euro includes a budget for the development of a new artistic work for the Marta Collection as well as a solo exhibition in the Marta Herford with accompanying catalogue.

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