Marcel van Eeden

Marcel van Eeden (b. 1965) works with painting and drawing and is mainly known for the characteristic "noir" drawings which in recent years he has uploaded every day to the Internet, to the delight of his growing audience. Already as a 20-year-old, van Eeden had decided to work exclusively with motifs bearing an inherent indication of the artist's own non-existence. As a result, although his choice of motifs has a rather wide span, he nonetheless restricts himself to motifs, texts and pictorial references which existed prior to his birth. In his series of drawings, Van Eeden often works with different characters or protagonists: K.M. Wiegand, Celia Copplestone, Oswald Sollmann and Matheus Boryna all lived and died before 1965, though the lives they led are depicted somewhat differently in van Eeden’s stories. van Eeden’s work can be seen in a number of international public collections, including MoMA, New York; Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam; and Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk.