Daniel Richter

Daniel Richter (b. 1962) works primarily with figurative painting in which the figures, often by using an intense color palette, possess an ethereal, ghostly quality. His distinctive painting method continually weaves between contrasts: the transparent versus the textural, cool versus kitsch, beauty versus repulsiveness.

Artist bio

The same applies to the themes of his works, which typically draw their inspiration from current events, in particular geographical or political flashpoints, but always in a strange, twisted way so it never appears trite, banal or predictable: “ I happen to be interested in art as a mixture of something precise and something tacit. It is not language, for language is about precision. The creation of images is about bringing that subconscious to the surface. It may be translated to language, but perhaps it is rather about helping with the creation of language as a vehicle for an understanding or knowledge about something which lies underneath, next to, or beyond pure sensibility.”