Peter Linde Busk

Peter Linde Busk (b. 1973) works with painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and drawing. Peter Linde Busk’s imagery is often peopled with crooked and contorted figures that stand alone or in small groups. Busk deals with transitions, contradictions and limits, essentially the zone between the figurative and the abstract. This amounts to issues concerning the creation of the image itself, or a motif-related exploration of the conflict between an inner emotional state and the outer world and the state that might result from their collision. Ugly and uncontrolled elements stand in vivid contrast to the meticulously ornamented and thoroughly wrought materiality that is also so distinctive of Busk’s works. As a reverse archaeologist, he builds layers into his paintings and collages. Often he glues the canvases onto the studio floor, so that they can absorb paint droppings, dust and activity traces from other processes that might go on in the studio over time. In this way, the work becomes part of the artist's own history. Being fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of the materials he works with, Linde Busk takes a different approach when working with ceramics, as he focuses on the raw immediacy of clay as ideal to express and accommodate spontaneous expression. The work of Peter Linde Busk is represented at Holstebro Museum of Art; Rubell Family Collection, Miami; and Ny Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark.