Per Inge Bjørlo

Per Inge Bjørlo is one of Norway's most distinctive contemporary artists. He works with installation, sculpture, painting, drawing and printmaking. Over the years he has worked with many techniques, but his preferred materials of metal, rubber and textiles are recurring in his oeuvre. Bjørlo focuses on the materials and the perception of these. His works, dominated by polished steel, broken glass, sharply-pointed spikes, bright light and brutally-drawn self-portraits, make a powerful impression on the viewer. The universal themes of doubt, anxiety, pain and the vulnerability of mankind have been recurring and recognisable features throughout his artistic production: “Knowing art is a way of thinking – and we are all full of pictures to be sorted out. I question. My doubt and searching is in these works. I know there are deeper rooms to be reached.” The work of Per Inge Bjørlo is represented in a number of public collections worldwide, including Tate Modern, London; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk.