Brigitte Waldach

The German artist Brigitte Waldach (born 1966) works very deliberately with defined frameworks, designs and materials. Her drawings are usually created with red pen on handmade paper in a certain format, but recently she has developed and loosened her expression, although she still relates to her artistic work in a dogmatic and extremely disciplined manner. The predefined rules and the relatively simple (and at first sight immediate) expression of the drawings seem to draw the viewer's attention to the subject.

Artist bio

Waldach’s imagery has clear references to cultural history, literature and motion pictures, and her use of the highly symbolic red color helps to reinforce the mood of an intense psychological space that the viewer might recognize from such films, but at the same time open to the viewer's own interpretation: “Sometimes the frames of reference explode and thus innumerable - freely floating - links become possible. However, the individual points of reference and associations made by the visitors and viewers, I cannot plan in advance - thank goodness. Humans remain unpredictable, which, for me, is a liberating realisation.”